Paul Jones for Congress District 44

This site and my Campaign are dedicated to My Brother, Best Friend and Fellow Marine Robert Lee Jones 10/21/51 to 4/24/22 

Born in Chicago Illinois on the South Side, historically poor prodromic Black, White and Hispanic. Mostly young couples with children, as with Paul’s parents they were very young. Mom 16, Dad 17 when they were married and moved from Tennessee to Chicago, a year later after moving Paul was born. Paul attended a Catholic grammar School, became an alter boy in 5th grade, they wore what is called a cassock, Paul always wore the longest one, to hide the cardboard in the bottom of his shoes, Paul understands what being poor is like.

Paul in his last year of High School decided to take the GED test, passed at 17 enlisted in the Marine Corps, Boot Camp, Infantry training, Jungle school and on his 18th, birthday landed in Viet Nam. After 23 months in combat, returned home to protesters waiting for us when we deplaned.