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My apologies for my site being down, I have not had the budget to bring in a company that would keep this site updated, I have been doing the updates and writing myself.

Tuesday June 7th was the second longest day I have had in my life, the first day was in Vietnam hoping a chopper would be in to pick our squad up before the enemy would reach our position, and of course the second was the primary, when the campaigns started in February there were three republicans and four democrats two progressive left wing and an activist not sure of the forth, by April it came down to two democrats, the progressive left wing incumbent Barragan and the activist Griffin and one republican me. My wife Doris and I went to vote, this was the first time in my life to see my name on the ballot, we voted and spent the rest of the day watching the election predictions and then the night waiting for the results as they came in. At 1:45 a.m. the 8th I was ahead of the activist far enough to know that the Lord had carried me across the winning line to be on the November 8th ballot. Now comes the harder part, looking for donations, planning visits with local businesses, putting together town hall gatherings to give people the chance to ask all the questions they possibility can. It is only five months away and so much to accomplish to prove that I am the right choice to represent the people of district 44.


District 44’s incumbent Nanette Barragan states she is a progressive, based on research of Barragan’s voting record, I see why she states she is a progressive including being part of the insane Biden government spending. One of the many issues that bother me about Barragan is that she is listed on the “Susan B. Anthony” list the organization reads that Congresswoman Barragan has consistently voted to eliminate all present protections for the unborn, including to force tax payers to pay for abortions, Barragan just voted with Chuck Schumer for abortion up to the moment of birth, Barragan is in agreement with transgender ideology, which of course includes Drag Queen reading time for kindergarten children, if you’re okay allowing  drag queens to influence our children, then do you agree there should be equality, allowing pedophile reading hour, how about a stripper or a porn star, this must stop, we cannot allow this to continue. Now Barragan as a progressive left is on board with this administration looking to hold school lunch money “hostage” to force transgender policies. Lastly for now until the next website update. I ran across an article by the Los Angeles Sentinel/ a minority paper. The article was titled “History has shown us that people are not Barragan’s top priority” (to authenticate the article I spoke with management at the paper)it reads in part that Barragan is part of the 1% and as she is an attorney with one of Los Angeles most prestigious law firms, the article calls her a “Carpet Bagger “She falsely states she is the voice of the workingmen, women and families, Barragan states she is standing up for the poor and the working-class, yet her background contradicts these statements. The article continues to state Barragan was representing local banks foreclosing on Latino families, Barragan sided with the banks, it goes on to read that Barragan represented Chase Bank taking advantage of immigrant families who could not understand English and were unable to understand the disclosures of what an adjustable mortgage rate was. Barragan faulted the couple ending in the loss of their home. It also states that Barragan was one of the defense attorneys for the fraud case against Wells Fargo. This article continues, however for the sake of space you can see for yourself who Barragan really is, as to her wealth she as with most democrats is also a millionaire. As to her stance on Law Enforcement she co-sponsored Police reform act, and you can see where this has gotten us with crime. To try and end the length Barragan’s endorsements are admitted democratic communist Senator Bernie Sanders, VP Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters a very, very far left progressive, and many other far left individuals, also has funding from the Abortion Foundation, if none of this scares you, I have to admit that it does me, as this must come to an end before we lose our country.